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Fail or Finish? December Wrap-Up

Time to close out the December goals posting and move on. How did I do?

  • Fit into the jeans I grew out of recently by Christmas – Wearable, but still not to my level of comfort.
  • Hit my Dec #GoTheDist goals (log 50 miles and 6 strength sessions) – I hit my strength and resistance goals (and exceeded) but came in well under my 50 mile elliptical goal. It was pretty audacious for a first time, so I’ll keep that in mind moving forward. 
  • Stick to my high protein, high veggie, lower carb diet until Christmas (gets me back on track with meal planning and getting my veggies in!) – I did GREAT with my eating (except Christmas day and the few days surrounding where I was a little more loose. And I just didn’t try on Christmas.)
  • Workout 5 days per week (Funny thing about being active; you have to BE ACTIVE!) – After not hitting this at the first update, I locked in and have been hitting and exceeding this goal. I’m currently only taking one day of rest now.
  • Remind myself it’s okay not to do high intensity, high stamina workouts EVERY TIME I workout (perfectionists mount up!) – A little better. I walked around the neighborhood a couple days and felt good.
  • Make sure each workout is at least 20 minutes – No problem with this. All workouts are 40+ minutes.
  • Track my water consumption better (this one is really hard now that I’m not working) – Not tracking well, but still drinking water.
  • F*&% THE SCALE!  (This time, I have pictures and I’m going to measure so I have a better idea of what’s actually happening. I want to lose fat, gain muscle and slim down. F*&% the numbers on the scale as long as the other 3 things are happening.) –  I caved and weighed myself but I lost weight (finally!).

Also, my “before” pictures that I took of myself DISAPPEARED from my computer. I looked at them after I uploaded them. So weird. Time to check the Recycle Bin. I’m not stoked about taking those pictures again, but I will if I have to. IT’S FOR SCIENCE! Found them. And took more the other day. My 30 day mark is 1/9/12 so I’ll be taking pictures again. 

/boring update post


The last few weeks have been emotionally charged and decisive. Unfortunately, I let those emotions dictate what I was eating and how I was moving. I haven’t been to Project Poolside in weeks. I am clawing my way back to the healthy lifestyle that makes me feel good about myself and in my skin. I ran Monday and felt like I was back on track. And then last night I ate ice cream instead of running.

I also decided to go back to using Weight Watchers. One day at a time.

I Did the Math

And the math says I’ve gained 55 pounds since January 2006. I’m only 15-25 pounds under my top weight.

UM, no wonder I’ve noticed a few changes. It was sad that I had this epiphany last night.

Now, I work on being healthy and hope the scale moves and clothes get smaller.

June is a Fat Month

Tonight, I saw pictures from our major industry conference. I was appalled! 1) I don’t recall looking like that. The person in the picture is not the person I remember seeing in the mirror. *sigh* I knew I’d gained a lot weight, but I didn’t realize just how much I’d changed.

I’m glad I started eating healthier this week before I saw the picture. No wonder I feel awful.

Fat Katie June 2010
When did Katie get so fat? Sad panda.

Healthy Noms

The cat pictured below doesn’t want your carrot and neither do I…unless it’s in cake form. For 2 weeks I’ve desired carrot cake. I could buy a single slice, but instead, I want an entire cake. I must have the choice of how much to eat. Do not limit my portion size. Everything I’ve said above is a big part of the reason why I’m a Fat Lady. I want it and I eat it. I don’t eat just a small portion. I eat several portions until I’ve eaten an entire cake. (okay, actually, I’ve never eaten an entire cake, but packages of cookies and pans of brownies, oh yes, they’ve been mine and continue to be mine –right there, in the jiggly bits on my innner thighs.)

Healthy Noms LolCat