About Katie

I am Katie from Kansas City, Missouri. Over the years I’ve tried on a lot of “outfits:” band geek, party girl, workaholic, health and fitness queen. My birthday suit is that of a storyteller. For as long as I can remember, I’ve crafted stories – out loud, in my head, in print. Most haven’t been shared. But it’s one part of me I know is true.

These are my stories.


My old “About Me” section is below because I’m not quite ready to erase it.


Fat FIT Lady Katie is the alter-ego Katie Leas. Overweight for most of her life, with an on-again off-again love affair with fitness and health, she wanted to focus her writings about being an overweight woman in America. (Why am I writing in the third person?)

I love books, cats, and my big red chair. My favorite colors are: teal, purple, and chartreuse. I also love serial commas.

I started this blog at a time when I was very unhappy with my health, fitness, and appearance. As the clocked ticked closer and closer to my 30th birthday my life course diverged greatly from my goals and dreams. The path to finding wellness has been long and is still in process.

Read more about my story here.


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