Yesterday was my first official “turkey trot.” I usually run or workout on Thanksgiving morning but I’ve never done an organized race before.

Post Turkey Trot 2013
Well, I guess it was worth it since it was a PR. Now I gotta beat that time…and the next one.

This was also my first 5k since last summer. It was COLD. I think that is probably a common theme for a lot of people’s race experience yesterday. Balls. So cold I almost turned around and walked back to my car. “I ran a marathon. I ain’t got nothin to prove to y’all.” Except, I had something to prove to myself and I’m so not a quitter. The only race I’ve failed to attend in the last year and a half/two years was skipped because I was feeling sick to my stomach and running and pukey tummies do not mix.

Anyway, no one needs gory details about how I turn into the crazy lady who can’t handle not slicing through a crowd (I get a little claustrophobic and aggressive at races sometimes.) Once I peed I felt better and got in line to start. This was also my first real cold weather run of the season outdoors and I haven’t  been doing a ton of running since the marathon. I started and I felt good so I pushed and when I looked down at the trusty Garmin I noticed I was on track to be able to run a sub-30 minutes 5k if I could hold my average pace. It would have been kind of a miracle because my fastest recorded time for a race was much slower and while I can run pretty darn fast, I can’t sustain the fast paces.

Sadly, I did feel the effects of the cold and the lack of consistent running and fell just short of my goal. However, I did run my fastest 5k on the books so I can’t be too unhappy [30:54]. A PR is a PR and I now know my goal is totally attainable and smashable.

Katie Leas Thanksgiving 2013
I cleaned up okay after the race. My hair was curled for about an hour before it fell out. OH well.

But let’s not forget, it was THANKSGIVING DAY! And I have SO much for which to be thankful. I got to spend the day at my sister-in-law’s parents house with my stepdad (Bob), my brother and sister-in-law, my dad and stepmom (they drove in from Ohio!), and of course my favorite baby ever to be birthed, my nephew Henry. And I got my own pie. Let us not forgot the important things — like pie.

Grandpa Bruce and Baby Henry Thanksgiving 2013
My dad and baby Henry meeting for the first time!
Baby Henry Leas Thanksgiving 2013
Henry is very happy about flipping me off.