Lunchtime Links

My lunch break consisted of downing Chipotle and staring at the internet.

I really enjoyed both.

I started with this link showing 41 running inspired tattoos. I’ve strongly considered a tattoo on my foot after I finish the marathon in October. I do not have plans to copy any of these, but some of the stories and reasons are touching.

Still noshing away, I was delighted to see someone post a link that Hyperbole and a Half has a book! Where has she been?! That lead to a less uplifting but so right on (and exciting because it was great to see something new from her) post:  Hyperbole and a Half: Depression Part Two. If you have ever been seriously depressed or lived or loved someone who has been (in my case, I answer “yay” to both) this might totally hit home. It was such a great way to illustrate what you feel — or don’t feel.

After I finished that link, I moved on to another — about my torture and love — RUNNING. The Oatmeal rarely disappoints and a actually had to stop stuffing forkfuls of rice and beans in my mouth because I was laughing.

These links? These people? Smoosh them together and they are me. And that is totally cool, because sometimes it really helps to know you are not a unique snowflake. Other people are in fact feeling the same things and you do fit in. (maybe)


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