My Secret Training Goal

Experts always seem to recommend having more than one goal when you start training for a race. That way, you aren’t totally and utterly crushed with crippling depression if you don’t meet your goal.

For me, my primary goal with my upcoming race is to finish. It’s my first marathon and even though I’ve done 4 half-marathons that doesn’t mean I know anything about surviving the twenty-six point two. Experts also say that it is okay to have a very loose time goal and that you need to be realistic. There are calculators and charts (so many charts!) that try to help you determine what is realistic for you given recent race finish times.

So, yes, my main goal is to finish, but I want to do so in under 5 hours and somewhere around 4:45:59. According to all those charts and calculators THIS IS NOT A REALISTIC GOAL. However, I am following the Run Less, Run Faster training plan. The training paces I’ve been using as part of that plan have not made me feel like I was dying. On the contrary, they have made me feel more alive and connected to running. More flying, more exhilaration, more YES, this is why I’m doing this. Instead of struggling with faster paces, I’m enjoying them*; however, I’m now finding it more challenging to run at long run pace and to actually you know, do my long runs. Some of this has nothing to do with running. It’s just current life circumstance shtuff.

These are not newly publicized goals. In addition to the goals I’ve already mentioned in previous posts, I have a super secret goal. My super secret goal that I’ve never said out loud or told anyone:  I want to get my 5k PR under 30 minutes (a 9:40 average pace.) For some that’s a piece of cake. But you have to remember, as a somewhat new runner who is only recently no longer listed as obese (being overweight never felt so great!) it’s no small feat. But I believe I can do it. I believe in myself. Partly because my training paces are putting me in the zone.

*Ask me how I feel about the faster paces after tonight’s track workout — 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400 (200 RI)


Lunchtime Links

My lunch break consisted of downing Chipotle and staring at the internet.

I really enjoyed both.

I started with this link showing 41 running inspired tattoos. I’ve strongly considered a tattoo on my foot after I finish the marathon in October. I do not have plans to copy any of these, but some of the stories and reasons are touching.

Still noshing away, I was delighted to see someone post a link that Hyperbole and a Half has a book! Where has she been?! That lead to a less uplifting but so right on (and exciting because it was great to see something new from her) post:  Hyperbole and a Half: Depression Part Two. If you have ever been seriously depressed or lived or loved someone who has been (in my case, I answer “yay” to both) this might totally hit home. It was such a great way to illustrate what you feel — or don’t feel.

After I finished that link, I moved on to another — about my torture and love — RUNNING. The Oatmeal rarely disappoints and a actually had to stop stuffing forkfuls of rice and beans in my mouth because I was laughing.

These links? These people? Smoosh them together and they are me. And that is totally cool, because sometimes it really helps to know you are not a unique snowflake. Other people are in fact feeling the same things and you do fit in. (maybe)

Days 1 and 2: A picture and paragraph a day

Part of my July challenge is to choose a picture a day and write a paragraph. I didn’t post yesterday’s picture, so today is a 2-for-1 day.

Day 1 Photo Collage

DAY 1: I woke up feeling like a train wreck- headache and nausea. I decided to power through and eat some toast and drink coffee in hopes it would wear off. Wrong. I realized halfway to the gym that the urge to hurl was rising. (Ha!) I went in, made my apologies, and headed home where I spent the next 5 hours on my couch sleeping. The cats (all but Gracie) kept me company while I embraced the fetal position. I managed to eat some bland foods and no vomiting occurred! [pictured: top left is Teebsy being camera shy, bottom left is Sammy who takes great pictures and is the best porch cat turned house cat, bottom right is my Baby Oliver enjoying the sunshine]


DAY 2: I was debating skipping my run today due to yesterday’s grossness and concerns my stomach was still dodgy. However, it was a speed work day, mile repeats, and I’m 16 weeks out from the marathon so I decided to go for it. The two crazed pictures are before and the calm looking picture at the bottom is after. I’m glad I got out there! (And I got to wear my “In Training” shirt! Kansas City Marathon, here I come! They got some crazy little women there and I’m gonna be one!)