The Lottery

I entered the Chicago Marathon lottery. They regretted to inform me that I was not selected. The morning of the lottery announcement this happened:

Now I must decide how badly I want to run this race. I can still gain entry through a charity. I just have to raise a certain amount of money and they not only get me a registration, but they will pay for my entry fee.

Last year, I chose Chicago for three reasons:

  1. It’s consistently ranked as a great course for first time marathoners.
  2. I saw a glowing review for the 2012 event on Fiterature.
  3. It’s in my mom’s hometown (with “her people.”) [This likely means crying because I am a baby.]

Oh yeah, I actually decided I was going to run a marathon while I was training for my first half. Being consumed by running and surrounded by people who were running them and training for them, it just hit me that I wanted to do that. I was reading books about running, I was running, I was talking about running, I was writing about running. (I was punctuating badly.) Running a marathon is also like the ultimate way to say “F’ YOU! I’m not the obese girl lacking confidence and afraid to try anymore. [I’M NOT JOSIE GROSSIE ANYMORE!]  F YOU FEAR.

After I entered the lottery, I really thought I was going to get in. I just had a feeling that it was supposed to happen. Now I’m a little less certain. Watching Spirit of the Marathon certainly inspired me as I cheered on the regular guys and the elites alike. That could be me.

Here’s my dilemma:  I am a terrible fundraiser. Remember those candy selling fundraisers? I ate the candy. I ATE IT ALL.

What do you think? Can I raise $925 for Girls on the Run? Can I run a marathon?


2 thoughts on “The Lottery

  1. Sorry to hear that you did not get a lottery spot. I was lucky enough to have my name drawn, but I am also running for a charity! I’m a student at the University of Iowa and we run to end pediatric cancer. Last year, our Dance Marathon raised over $1.5 million dollars and it was really special to be a part of it! I hope you will choose to run for a charity, it gives running a whole new meaning.

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