Shut Up About Health and Fitness During the Holidays

I’ve been avoiding posting about fitness and health during the holiday season because well, it’s the holiday season and the media and social media focus on health and fitness during the holidays makes me feel stabby. I’m busy procrastishopping, attending gatherings, taking care of end of year chores and bills and stressing myself out about traveling. Do NOT lay a guilt trip on me for indulging a little more than usual. And if someone doesn’t want to indulge (they are feeling really committed to their workout routine/training/goals and food intake) MORE POWER TO THEM and leave them alone too.

I’m of the opinion that people should enjoy themselves during the holidays and own their decisions. Don’t make yourself feel like shit; but if you do, make sure there’s fudge involved. (or in my case, every flavor of M&M ever created – except pretzel.) [EDIT: okay, really it’s just mint related M&MS.]

Here’s how my holiday season is going:

  • I tossed my scale aside on Sunday. It’s now sitting under my towel dresser. I’m hoping this will help me stop my fixation with my weight. [Why am I the same few pounds up and down? Am I eating too little? Too much? The wrong things? Working out too little? Working out too much? ]
  • I have only been working out 4-5 days a week for past couple weeks (more the 4 than 5) – instead of 5 or 6. There’s extra life to live during the holidays.
  • Instead of running and being in training mode, I’ve been doing a lot more cross training. It’s been nice to change things up.
  • Speaking of cross training, I finally tried spinning and really enjoy it. Biking has always been hard for me and spin really helps hit muscles I don’t work enough in my running. Plus, the music is fun and it’s indoors.
  • I’ve been having a glass or two of wine here or there and really enjoying it. Why is red wine so dreamy?
  • I’ve been eating festive foods – and REALLY enjoying it.
  • I’m currently obsessed with eating salads from the salad bar at the grocery store. (score one for the vegetables)
  • I started taking spirulina because it’s a natural non-animal source of protein and happens to have the added benefit of being full of B vitamins and iron. Things I need.
  • And a really big one, I stopped logging everything I eat in an online tracker. I’m just eating when I’m hungry and trying to be aware of what I’m putting in my mouth. Sometimes this has meant an entire bag of Angie’s Holidrizzle Kettle Corn in one day. Oops.

I miss cookies.


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