Gobbler Grind 2012 Race Recap

“Fast forward to 1pm today.”

“I can’t think that far ahead,” I half whined half stuttered. Most of the time when I run I feel amazing. Maybe not for the entire run, but at least for some of it. Today, I struggled to find that amazing feeling.

The stage was set for a great race: wonderful weather, nice course, running buddy and a kickass greeting of “Eye of  the Tiger.”

***SPOILER*** I finished.

Gobbler Grind 2012 Half Marathon Shirt and Medal

72 Hour Run Down

(hehe, “run” down)

Friday Morning: I feel great and I’m excited. Partly because I know I don’t have to restrict my calories as much (don’t want to eat at too much of a deficit prior to race) and partly because I’m getting excited to see what I’ve got. Food, food, glorious food! I sing to theeeeeee!

Friday After Lunch: Man, what did I eat?! Ouch. Bloat.

Friday Night: YOGA for Tara’s birthday. I feel so much better! (6/10ths of this feeling better was purely based on changing out of my jeans and into my yoga pants.)

Saturday Morning: I feel kind of hungover. I didn’t drink any boozes. UNFAIR. Time for coffee with Tams.

Saturday Afternoon: (after nap) Ugh, what ran me over? Geez #StomachOfDoom, WTF? Hey, you! Head! Yes, you! What gives?

Saturday Night: Shit. Time to take ALL TEH MEDICINES and drink more water. And pray that I feel better in the morning.

Sunday Morning (RACE DAY!): Ugh. Maybe this can be fixed by consumption of good breakfast and water. And drugs. Taking ALL TEH MEDICINES again.

RACE TIME: I don’t feel too bad. Let’s do this!

During the Race: Okay, okay, I’m doing this. It’s fun to have someone to talk to.

Running during the first half and still happy. My eyes are drawn toward the butt squats built when I look at this picture.

Mile 5:  I thought I was further than this. Lame.

Miles 6 & 7:  Share opinion about current distance.

Mile 8: I want to walk, but I’m going to keep going because Cheryl said keep going. Wal–going.

Mile 9: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Just 5k left. Wait, no, that’s wrong. Waaaaaaaaahhh!

Mile 10: And we’re walking. Even if it’s only for a minute. Or 3. Maybe I should stick to 10ks.

Mile 11: Are we there yet?

Mile 11.2: Now?

Mile 11.3: Please to be finished soon.

Mile 11.5: Where’s that 12? 1, 2, 1, 2. Breathe. 1, 2, 1, 2. 1, 2, 1, 2. (I’m really good at counting.)

Mile 12: ……

Mile 13: Okay, I can do this. Must keep going. 1, 2, 1, 2.

Last .2: It’s less than one lap around the track!

Last .1: I’m going and I’m not sure how, but I am!


Five minutes later: When can I do that again?

Official Time: 2:36:50

1Pm Today:  Heh. It’s 1 o’clock!  I am glad I did that.

Unfortunately, #StomachOfDoom made a return not long after the race. I made it though a delicious post race breakfast of potatoes, omelet and fruit but by the time I got home I went straight for the prescription stomach medicine. It took a few hours for the pain to ease and I finally napped. I had to take more meds after a while but was able to drink some electrolyte water and eat some gluten free cheesy poofs and frozen yogurt. (I HAD to eat something and there’s not a lot that my gut can handle when it’s like this. Sorry for the #TMI.)

9:19 PM: Gobbler Grind Half Marathon 2012 – CLOSED.



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