Gobbler Grind 2012 Race Recap

“Fast forward to 1pm today.”

“I can’t think that far ahead,” I half whined half stuttered. Most of the time when I run I feel amazing. Maybe not for the entire run, but at least for some of it. Today, I struggled to find that amazing feeling.

The stage was set for a great race: wonderful weather, nice course, running buddy and a kickass greeting of “Eye of  the Tiger.”

***SPOILER*** I finished.

Gobbler Grind 2012 Half Marathon Shirt and Medal

72 Hour Run Down

(hehe, “run” down)

Friday Morning: I feel great and I’m excited. Partly because I know I don’t have to restrict my calories as much (don’t want to eat at too much of a deficit prior to race) and partly because I’m getting excited to see what I’ve got. Food, food, glorious food! I sing to theeeeeee!

Friday After Lunch: Man, what did I eat?! Ouch. Bloat.

Friday Night: YOGA for Tara’s birthday. I feel so much better! (6/10ths of this feeling better was purely based on changing out of my jeans and into my yoga pants.)

Saturday Morning: I feel kind of hungover. I didn’t drink any boozes. UNFAIR. Time for coffee with Tams.

Saturday Afternoon: (after nap) Ugh, what ran me over? Geez #StomachOfDoom, WTF? Hey, you! Head! Yes, you! What gives?

Saturday Night: Shit. Time to take ALL TEH MEDICINES and drink more water. And pray that I feel better in the morning.

Sunday Morning (RACE DAY!): Ugh. Maybe this can be fixed by consumption of good breakfast and water. And drugs. Taking ALL TEH MEDICINES again.

RACE TIME: I don’t feel too bad. Let’s do this!

During the Race: Okay, okay, I’m doing this. It’s fun to have someone to talk to.

Running during the first half and still happy. My eyes are drawn toward the butt squats built when I look at this picture.

Mile 5:  I thought I was further than this. Lame.

Miles 6 & 7:  Share opinion about current distance.

Mile 8: I want to walk, but I’m going to keep going because Cheryl said keep going. Wal–going.

Mile 9: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Just 5k left. Wait, no, that’s wrong. Waaaaaaaaahhh!

Mile 10: And we’re walking. Even if it’s only for a minute. Or 3. Maybe I should stick to 10ks.

Mile 11: Are we there yet?

Mile 11.2: Now?

Mile 11.3: Please to be finished soon.

Mile 11.5: Where’s that 12? 1, 2, 1, 2. Breathe. 1, 2, 1, 2. 1, 2, 1, 2. (I’m really good at counting.)

Mile 12: ……

Mile 13: Okay, I can do this. Must keep going. 1, 2, 1, 2.

Last .2: It’s less than one lap around the track!

Last .1: I’m going and I’m not sure how, but I am!


Five minutes later: When can I do that again?

Official Time: 2:36:50

1Pm Today:  Heh. It’s 1 o’clock!  I am glad I did that.

Unfortunately, #StomachOfDoom made a return not long after the race. I made it though a delicious post race breakfast of potatoes, omelet and fruit but by the time I got home I went straight for the prescription stomach medicine. It took a few hours for the pain to ease and I finally napped. I had to take more meds after a while but was able to drink some electrolyte water and eat some gluten free cheesy poofs and frozen yogurt. (I HAD to eat something and there’s not a lot that my gut can handle when it’s like this. Sorry for the #TMI.)

9:19 PM: Gobbler Grind Half Marathon 2012 – CLOSED.



Under Pressure

I’ve been dreading my long run all day. In fact, I started dreading it yesterday. I’m tired of going to bed early on Saturday nights so I can be up by 5am to go run. It is one week until my half marathon.

Pressure. Can I do it? Can I push through the physical and mental pain? Do I want to?

Secretly, I guess not so secretly, I am hoping it will snow a little later and I’ll be able to convince myself to go run. I’m slated for 6 miles. It’s a short long run. Maybe running with the magic of snowflakes will ease the stress and anxiety I am feeling and bring some lightness, whimsy and joy back.

Her Real Name Was Katie (So it’s meant to be)

I’ve had this image in my head for almost as long as I’ve had the guts to say I’m going to do a marathon next fall. Picture it, I’ve just crossed the finish line after running 26.2 miles (or 26.84 according to my Garmin – because my watch always tells me I ran more than the mile markers seem to indicate.) Shockingly, I am not a sweaty beast of drooling, snotty goodness. My hair, instead of dripping with sweat is flowing in a gentle breeze. I’m smiling and jazz handsing instead of lumbering in a disoriented zombie-like daze. As I float across the finish, I’m embraced by my perfect boyfriend who has been waiting for me so he can make sure everyone knows that he’s so proud of his girl. (Still casting for the role of “perfect boyfriend.” I can’t seem to get beyond 2 dates.)

Except there’s a twist before that embrace. In my moment of triumph I will suddenly become a good dancer and acrobat. While floating across the finish, I will nod as Baby did. And Perfect Boyfriend (who won’t look anything like Patrick Swayze because I’m really more of a Matt Damon or John Krasinski girl) will swagger back directly in my path (other runners? pffft!) and I will run and leap and we will complete a perfect lift ala Dirty Dancing.

Final Lift from Dirty Dancing

It will look EXACTLY like that.

And someone will take a picture and we will be famous. (and I will qualify for Boston on my first try! because this is a dream and I can do anything!)

Here’s the thing: I’ve been feeling burnt out and discouraged with running. At the same time, I’m still invigorated and making goals. I’m getting better and I’m pushing myself in spite of my desire to just not run sometimes.

Part of this is related to the fact that I am running my second half marathon in less than 2 weeks. When I did the first one I didn’t have anything to lose. I was out there to prove I could do it. I was out there to show that I was not a quitter (I had a sinus infection and I was on my period – TMI? I DON’T CARE.) Now I have a time to beat and I have a goal time. This is the half marathon that was the whole point of my training calendar. I HAVE to do well.

Perhaps I should add dancing to my cross training regimine so I’ll be ready for the Time of My Life — because I’m going to do it. I’m going to keep running. Keep improving. Keep moving. Keep dreaming and daydreaming.