I did it. This week I hit my next benchmark in weight loss. This last jaunt has been challenging. Weight loss was slower though fitness was gained. I ate more; I ate less. I worked out more. I worked out…more. I got sick, I hurt my foot. And oh, I ran my first half marathon.

175 lbs 10/24/2012 (that’s -25 from my last benchmark)

199.2 lbs 5/7/2012

205 lbs 4/12/2012 (down 40 lbs and told part of “my story”)

Guys, this is getting real. I’m 25 pounds away from my actual goal. That’s 25 pounds away from having lost 100 pounds. WTF? My plan is to reevaluate my target weight once I hit 150. I chose that number because it’s the top end of the “healthy weight” scale for my height. While I think that a lot of scales and measurements are hogswash, I would like to actually be in the normal range of one for my weight again.

Katie Face Comparison After Weight Loss
I’m in the 250 lb range in the first picture. I’m about 176 in the second.
Katie Weight Loss Comparison
Down 77 pounds – still going

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