Turn the Unknown Corner

Yesterday’s 10 mile run was hard and my foot is still hurting and bruised. But here I am reading my Runner’s World and trying to decide which marathon is the right one for me to run next year – my first. I had a few moments of thinking,”how am I ever going to run double this? How am I going to be able to do this as a weekday – non-LSD- distance?”

Then I turned down a road I never take.

My foot hurts. But sometimes when I’m driving I wish I was running. That’s who I am now – and who I always was – only now I know I can do it.

One good thing that came from my early morning panic attack that my foot was going to need extended rest; thereby forcing me to learn to swim to maintain my cardio routine – was the next thought that learning to swim well would mean I could maybe do a triathlon.

Maybe I should just learn to swim?


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