When to Lie to Your Trainer

[HIIII, Cheryl!]

This morning I am aware of the location of my glutes. This is because they are slightly sore from yesterday’s workout. That was the goal you see. Soreness. Because with soreness there is progress and strengthening.

However, if you find yourself having the following conversation please choose your responses wisely:

Trainer: So, were you sore? OR You (ME): I was so sore after Tuesday’s workout!

You (Me): *nodding away some sweat and lifting something* Oh yes.


*stop lifting something to demonstrate putting clothes on* This movement hurt. I had trouble putting on my bra.

T: That’s it? Your legs weren’t sore.

You (ME): Nope! (tra-la-la-la-la!)

T: *frowny face* Hmmm.

*proceeds to make next sets of exercises ALL ABOUT THE LEGS*

You (ME): *I see what she’s doing. It’s totally going to work.*

T: You shouldn’t be able to put on pants because you’re sore!

You (ME): I’m not going to be able to go to the bathroom. I’m going to have to call into work because I can’t get dressed. “I’m sorry, I can’t come in today. I’m too sore to get dressed.”

**happiness returns**

[This is all paraphrased from real life events. I’m getting old, folks. I can’t remember word-for-word how the conversation went. This is my interpretation for your amusement and to make my point.]

So, I probably shouldn’t openly post that only my glutes are a little sore. I can still squat just fine (which is great because I’m drinking lots of water so being able to go to the bathroom is helpful), walk just fine, etc. Even my upper body that was SO sore after last Tuesday is just fine. (Though, I’m not sure how because I have never felt more excited about putting down a barbell in my life than I felt yesterday. Upside, my thumb is going to be totally hot!)

I am a terrible liar. I have no poker face. I think it’s because of my natural internal ebullience and rich tradition of Irish Catholic guilt.

Also, it makes me panic.

So, no lying.

Be honest.

That soreness is just like your glutes trying to smack themselves for a job well done.


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