I started reading a new book last night. One of the things it mentions is setting your intenions for the day when you wake up. I thought this went nicely with the “write it down” challenge.

Originally, I requested PTO for today. It’s my mom’s birthday. I wasn’t sure if I’d lose my shit at some point, or just find a general inability to focus. I’m an inappropriate expresser of emotion. That is, I explode publically or cry at odd moments, thus making a lasting, and totally respectable impression on those around me. Last week I decided that I could, in fact, make it through the day without any dramatic outbursts or embarrassing misty-eyed public moments. AND, I decided, I would be better served by taking Friday off and having a 3-day weekend.

So my intentions for the day are as follows:

  • Get some work done (I’ve been doing okay on that front.) Be present at work.
  • Control my eating. Do not give in to temptations of comfort food and drinks. Do not try to soothe my physical, mental, or spiritual self with food. Be mindful of my goals. (I’ll be posting my food again tonight or tomorrow, but I’m eating a salad thanks to Cosentino’s right now.)
  • Follow-through with my workout. I’m planning to do that interval deal from Monday followed by yoga. I have trouble relaxing but there is something about the Wednesday night yoga class after a hard run that really works. I’ll probably cry inappropriately during Savasana, but it so wouldn’t be the first time.
  • Take time to sit quietly and remember my mom. She was beautiful in every way. Life is not perfect, people are not perfect, relationships are not perfect. But I would never trade for a different mom or a different life.

Internet, you now know my intentions for today. I sincerely want both to pack up, head home, and lie around with M&Ms and stick to these intentions. Choice is mine.

I’m calling on my “I don’t wanna” or “negative nancy” spirit animal: The Happy Puppy. This is what I will be using to help keep me going today. Because who can’t learn from a happy puppy?

P.S. There has been at least one time in recent memory where packing up, heading home, and lying around with M&Ms was the right choice. Sometimes you just gotta.


4 thoughts on “Intentions

  1. As a fellow Savasana-crier, I agree that you made the right choice. It’s not, after all, ALWAYS inappropriate to cry in public. Really.

  2. It really turned out to be an okay day and I was so glad I pushed myself to stick to my routine. I only got a little misty at yoga, but I definitely cried later while watching John Denver videos on YouTube (That was part of my quietly remembering part.)

    And taking Friday off also proved to be good. I got to have lunch with friends and made progress on getting my passport.

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