I Love Food

Oh yes, I do. I do love food. And I eat a lot of it.

One of our challenge components for this week is “write it down.” Yesterday, I wrote down my intended workout and then I wrote down the result. I had to follow-through after putting it out there on the Internet. [Point of order: Are we still capitalizing “Internet?” A stiff thumbs up to anyone who can tell me the proper style.]

Today, I’m sharing my food with you – in pictures. You might already know that I track what I consume on MyFitnessPal and that I keep my “food diary” open to the public. Why hide it? If I’m eating too much or not tracking it’s going to show on my body and in my mood. No hiding from it. So why not let everyone see what I eat? Anyway. I was lax last week with my food consumption and tracking. I had a few dark spots on the tracker where I simply didn’t bother to input what I ate. I did still manage a loss in the scale department and I was still working out. Anyway (again), I wanted to use this as one of my ways of being accountable for tracking and monitoring what I’m consuming. I also measure and weigh my food (mushrooms and greens are generally the only exceptions to that rule.)

I’ve basically consumed the same things today that I ate yesterday. So, let us begin.


oatmeal with frozen strawberries
Breakfast both days: Gluten Free Oatmeal with Frozen Strawberries, vanilla extract, and cinnamon. Put it all in a bowl, add water, microwave for 3 minutes. Stir and break out the strawberries into whatever size you like. This picture is pre-stirring.
Coffee. Black. 1 Dark Magic + 1 Decaf Breakfast Blend (yes, I drank half-caf.) I’m breaking my {expensive} latte addiction.

Snacks (between meals and pre/post workout)

This is everything I ate that wasn’t at a regular “meal.”

Eaten at different times. Organic banana (Mon & Tues) and KIND bar (Madagascar Vanilla.)
afternoon snack
Unsweetened Passionfruit Tea from Starbucks (grande) – Monday
Greek yogurt with fresh blueberries (Monday and Tuesday) – Monday, I had a Chobani Non-Fat Honey yogurt so I used that. Tuesday I had plain Fage 0% (1/2 cup) and added vanilla extract and cinnamon. Please note: vanilla extract and cinnamon are magical and wonderful. I keep some of both in my lunch bag at all times.
Udi’s Gluten Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread. My other processed bit of joy. This is easy and quick for me first thing when I need to eat something before heading to the gym to train with Cheryl. It’s a splurge for me both because of the cost and because it’s got more than 5 ingredients and it’s sweet and it’s BREAD!


I ate the exact same thing both days. It was leftover from cooking on Friday night.

This was a stuffed red pepper. I cut it up and such because I’m civilized. The innards: white rice (when I make these again I’ll use brown rice or quinoa – we only had white rice on hand), corn (a grain, not a vegetable), black beans (one of my staples), Pace Picante (no fake junk and no sugar added), cojack shredded cheese. Delicious. Stuffing things is excellent. I plan to continue stuffing things. (except animals because I don’t eat them)


Tonight’s egg white omelet was better that last night’s egg white omelet. This is one of my standard dinners because it’s easy, it’s variable, you can add a lot of veggies, and you get protein. The egg whites are sort of a vehicle for the veggies, herbs, and spices. I never add salt. With the right herbs and spice YOU DO NOT NEED SALT.  [While we’re at it, I don’t add sugar or fake sugar to things either. Trust me, you CAN live without it if you learn how to creatively use a few things – vanilla extract and cinnamon!] Sorry, for the preaching.

Tonight’s Egg White Omelet: 3/4 cup egg white, ground white pepper, rosemary, thyme, shredded italian cheese blend (my one processed bit of sadness and joy), super greens, diced garlic, yellow onion, baby bella mushrooms, and grape tomato. I cooked the garlic, onion, and mushrooms with an olive oil spray and some white wine vinegar. After they were sufficiently cooked, I poured the egg in and then sprinkled the herbs and pepper in. Cook, cook, cook. Then sprinkle the cheese, then tear and add the super greens. Top with sliced grape tomato! YUM. (last night was just spinach, egg whites, herbs & spices, and swiss cheese because I ran out of stuff.)

Dessert & other

So, I live in moderation. That means I allow myself a little bit daily (or near daily) of what I crave or love so I won’t go bat shit crazy and binge. [Full confession: I binged on plain M&Ms on Sunday. But I moved on.]

I like unsweetened coconut milk a lot. I tried to replenish my supply at the grocery store tonight and they no longer had it. I was unhappy. I ended up with some unsweetened almond milk.

I also allow myself one of these every (or nearly every) night:

dark chocolate bar
Natural Chocolate Liquor (Non-Alcoholic), Evaporated Cane Juice, Non-Dairy Cocoa Butter
Allergen Info

So, there you have it. That’s what I consume. Last night I only had half of the dark chocolate bar. Tonight, I’ll probably eat a full one. 170 calories. I now boast quite an assortment of herbs and spices due to my cooking and eating whole foods habit. Honestly, it is so much better than things from boxes, cans, bags, and chain restaurants. (I exclude a few restaurants because there are places that are magnificent.) I just like knowing what I’m putting in my body since I have bad reactions to (aka am intolerant to) multiple things that are used FREQUENTLY in processed food. (soy, gluten, meat)

Not pictured: Water x LOTS

P.S. If you use MyFitnessPal feel free to add me as a friend! Trmndsblndtte


2 thoughts on “I Love Food

    1. I’ve also used almond extract in my oatmeal (you have to really careful with the amount though or it tastes FUN-KY) and it’s really good with banana added.

      I also really like just oatmeal with fruit and then adding some plain greek yogurt that has vanilla extract added in.

      This isn’t breakfast related, but I recently started using Bragg’s Liquid Aminos on veggies when I cook them on the stove and it is delightful! I can’t use a whole lot because it’s soy based, but man! Great replacement for soy sauce!

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