She’s Got Goals and She Knows How to Use Them

Well, it’s halfway through July. Yep. The month is half over. So, it is time to check back on my goals for the month.

“do something nice for someone each week.”

I’m not doing a good job keeping track of this, but I’m trying to be mindful and helpful where possible.

I did do one thing that really counts and that makes me happy.

paying forward simple things that have be instrumental to my success or that simply made me smile or bolstered my spirit.

Whenever I can encourage, I’m trying. I’ve been trying to do the things for people that have helped me.

work on the weakness that has shaped so much of my life. I have to reach out to new people. Social anxiety be damned!

Man. I am not good at people. Hi, let’s all introduce ourselves and become instead best buddies = everyone else at the tables. I tried a few times to be less awkward, but I’m just not that good at starting conversations and talking about myself is not very natural. I feel like I’m pretty boring. I don’t go out a lot (expensive, harder to figure out dietary things, etc), I LIKE being at home, my hobbies include: cats, books, internets, cooking, and exercise. I’m not very loud. (I guess that’s not wholly bad.)

I am now also contemplating joining a running group in Kansas City. I bought new running shoes yesterday and the person who helped me told me about the group. It would be a good way for me to work on two things at once: running goals and social goals.

Maybe I should picture every person as a dog or cat or cow or deer or bunny? Would that help? (Get it? Like how “they” tell you to picture the audience naked if you have stage fright.)

the ongoing goal – keep working on my housekeeping.

I’m still keeping up with my laundry, so that’s good.

fitness goals. I completed my first 5k this weekend and I’m doing my 2nd and 3rd this month. My goal? To complete both and do my best.

I finished all three 5ks! I had my best time on the second one.

I’m now planning more.


Yoga.  keep pushing myself to try.

I missed yoga last week due to needing a rest day.


push myself to do all of the strength components, everyday, for the entire month

Haven’t done them all, but at least I’m not ignoring them. They usually make good warm-ups for cardio.



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