Focusing on Weakness

It’s a new month so it’s time for new goals.

My favorite goal from June was “do something nice for someone each week.” I don’t think I did as well as I could have. A big part of doing well with this goal is pulling my head out of my own life and thoughts and focusing on the world and people around me. It means really listening to and absorbing what is going beyond just words people are saying – what are they doing? Do they seem tense? Stressed? Tired?

This goal also involves thinking about things I would like people to do for me. My imagination has always been somewhat vivid and until recently was the most active thing about me. (And it’s still pretty active.) What kind of things have I dreamed up? Why not make them real?

The third component is paying forward simple things that have be instrumental to my success or that simply made me smile or bolstered my spirit.

Yes, this is my FAVORITE goal. Because making people happy is so rewarding.

The theme of this month’s challenge seems to be targeting weaknesses. I’ve spent all day thinking about what my biggest weaknesses are. I’ve been consuming more sugar. I don’t want to say no to going out with friends when it comes up because I might not get to again or I might upset them. I haven’t been good about my sleep schedule (not getting to sleep early enough.) I haven’t been packing my lunches. But one of the biggest weaknesses I have is my shyness. So my second goal is to work on the weakness that has shaped so much of my life. I have to reach out to new people. Social anxiety be damned!

And my last goal – the ongoing goal – keep working on my housekeeping. I spent yesterday cleaning my carpets and it was MAGICAL. And not so terrible. I borrowed my friend’s Spot Bot and set to work. I vacuumed, scraped cat hair, and scrubbed spots by hand.

Okay, I lied. I still have another set of goals: my fitness goals. I completed my first 5k this weekend and I’m doing my 2nd and 3rd this month. My goal? To complete both and do my best. Yoga. My goal is to keep pushing myself to try. I’m still trying to get the flow of Sun Salutations. I didn’t master it in June, but I didn’t try hard enough. So this month, I try every class instead of skipping to down dog. And lastly, I push myself to do all of the strength components, everyday, for the entire month.

So there we go. Goals. I has them.


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