See Katie Run

Just like Spot (I had a cat named Spot!) you can see me run.

Well, maybe. I am running in my first organized event this Saturday: The Color Run KC. Followed by the All-Star 5k the next weekend and the Glow Run the weekend after that. Yes, somehow I managed to sign up for 3 weekends of runs.

I’m very nervous/excited/anxious/excited/happy about these runs. (eww, don’t GO there!)

A few basic facts about running as I’ve experienced it:

  • It makes me anxious before I start
  • Most of the time, it takes a minute or two to settle in
  • Getting a good warm-up prior helps make it a smoother journey (lunges and squats are good for something other than giving you a tighter bum!)
  • People are not lying about hitting that point where you get a runner’s high
  • I can alternate between feeling like I want to quit and feeling like it’s the best thing in the world within seconds
  • Music can definitely impact motivation, speed, intensity, and enjoyment (Accidentally putting “Silent Night” in your workout mix and having that come up 15 minutes in? Not so awesome. Paramore slammin down some intensity? Totally makes me feel an amazing combination of total strength and weightlessness.)
  • Outside vs. Treadmill vs. Elliptical = all are very different

I think the Color Run will be a good first run experience. It’s lighthearted, there will be lots of happy people, it’s colorful (anyone who’s seen my house can attest), and it’s a fairly level course.

I can’t wait to amass a collection of t-shirts.


2 thoughts on “See Katie Run

  1. I’ll be at the Color Run, too! Maybe amid the ten-thousands of people there I’ll see you. I’m hoping to run at least a few minutes of it, but it’s gonna be so much fun, I doubt I’ll care if I run it or not! Best of luck running 3 June weekends in Missouri in a row!!

    1. I think there will be so much excitement! I am not really focusing too much on running a personal best for this one. I just want to soak up the experience and enjoy it. 🙂

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