UPDATE on June Goals

So, I needed to do this anyway as part of goal planning and tracking is actually evaluating progress. But today I got an email from Cheryl checking in on my progress on my June goals and that served as a good gentle kick in the ass. So, here we go.

The Goals:

Keep up laundry pattern + fold and put away – wait no more than 24 hours between cycles of wash to dry and dry to fold/put away –I’m doing really well at not letting my laundry pile up but not doing so well at folding and putting away.

Keep up dishes waiting no more than 24 hours between running dishwasher and unloading clean dishes and loading dirty dishes – I could be doing a lot better at this. I’m not letting things sit forever, but it’s definitely not on the 24 hour goal

Keep w/ current exercise routine- take 1 day for rest per week and keep to 2 a day fitness a minimum of 3 days per week

  • Challenge exercises: strength and cardio – doing okay; had to add in some challenge exercises to other days
  • Yoga Wednesdays – Yes, going!
  • Workout with Cheryl 2 times per week – Yep, going!
  • Attend end of month boot camp – THIS WEEKEND!

Run 3 days week to prep for summer runs – Not doing it. Running at least once a week, but not 3 days – really trying to focus on this again this week after a couple slower running weeks

Rest properly – I was doing well with this, but haven’t been doing so great this week. I really threw myself off over the weekend.

  • Ensure minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night
  • Get up no later than 6am daily
  • Go to bed no later than 10pm each night

Do something nice for someone each week (mail West Wing, make homemade dog treats for dog owners and dispense, “pay it forward” to fellow challenge participants or trainee) – I’ve been trying to do this as well. I tried to help do some of the kitchen duty stuff at work for someone who is really busy. I try to help the other me at work where possible. Still need to step it up.

Keep to budget for month – okay on budgety stuff except I’m not doing the cash thing so well

  • Pay for groceries and food in cash thus being more mindful of spending
  • Pay bills at each pay period vs. waiting until due dates

Tie up loose ends with Mom stuff – Done and done! (Well, Bob ended up bringing me stuff from the house so that’s kind of cheating)

  • Complete and send in life insurance claim
  • Collect items from Mom & Bob’s house

Yoga – Need to focus on these more here in the home stretch. I’m getting so close to crow, but no progress on sun salutations. It would be nice to get through plank, whatever it’s called (like plank by very close to the ground), up dog, and down dog. Currently, I move to hands and knees and meet in down dog.

  • Work on sun salutations flow (used in Wednesday night class) with goal of achieving smooth flow through poses by end of month
  • Achieve Crow Pose and hold for 15 seconds

Chores – Turn Katie-Do List  into Katie-Did List

  • Replace lights in bedroom – Old bulbs are out! I’m not sure if I want to put new ones in. I have a standing lamp and table lamp and they tend to be enough.
  • Get new litter boxes and dispose of old boxes – DONE!
  • Clean basement and dispose of trash – Haven’t even started.
  • Dispose of any trash or items that needed to be given away – I’ve been working on this! I got rid of oodles of stuff and the trash men made my day when they took my extra bags of trash
  • Sort and organize clothes and purge clothes that cannot or will not be worn – DONE! Sent off 6 bags of clothes to someone. Now I just need to go through what I kept and put it all away.

That concludes my June Goal wrap-up. I need to focus on my chores, yoga, and running.


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