Sunday Quickie

Sorry for those of you who clicked through because you thought this might have to do with afternoon delight (sky rockets in flight! duh duh duh AFTERNOON DELIGHT!). It has nothing to do with such things. Except that I just quote lyrics and told you it has nothing to do with it.


This is a quick Sunday post to report back on the posts of yore, or of Thursday night. If you missed it, it was whiney and somewhat graphic and about my ongoing gastrointestinal problems. (many people will immediately think “ewww!” when someone mentions GI problems but if I was talking about ongoing foot or heart problems, would people have the same reaction?)

Anyway, today was the first day post-procedures that’s I’ve really felt GOOD. No bloating, cramping, excess gas, pains, or nausea. NO headaches, no aches in general, no brain fog. Plus I have energy again. Maybe part of it was falling in love with Henry the Umbrella Tree and being excited about that, but I really think it has more to do with my body being clear of the things that make it sad (gluten), rest, good nutrition, and exercise.

So there you have it. That’s all I wanted to say. I wanted to go on record as saying how much better I feel today. No matter what that Celiac test says tomorrow, I need to feel confident that I am correct about being gluten sensitive. Maybe I don’t have Celiac, but I sure as heck feel better without it. (I really like empirical evidence though.)

One of the big indicators for me was the fact that I ran without any abdominal discomfort. The last few weeks have not been that way (I was eating gluten because you have to be actively eating gluten to get an accurate test result.)

Okay, that’s really. I’m going to get up and bathe now and stop adding to the sweaty butt print on my little ottoman.



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