June Goals

As part of the monthly challenges in which I participate, we have to set goals for ourselves. Last month I was not super aggressive with my goals. I set a fitness goal and a home-oriented goal. I actually did pretty well. This month, I decided to amp it up a little. As I sat down on May 31st to write out my goals, I just had so many things I wanted to do that I figured, better commit them all to paper. (or Microsoft Word.)

So, here are my goals for the month. I’ll report back periodically on my progress. I’m already doing pretty well 1 week and 1 day into the month. At the end of the month, I set my non-food reward as a new pair of running shoes. My current shoes are getting old and have a little hole in the top where my toe hits them. I figure it’s a practical and fun reward. (My reward for May ended up being a haircut. I’m not so excited about how it turned out, but it was something I’d been putting off for a while.)


New running shoes

Goals (all to be completed by end of month if not otherwise specified)

Keep up laundry pattern + fold and put away – wait no more than 24 hours between cycles of wash to dry and dry to fold/put away

Keep up dishes waiting no more than 24 hours between running dishwasher and unloading clean dishes and loading dirty dishes

Keep w/ current exercise routine- take 1 day for rest per week and keep to 2 a day fitness a minimum of 3 days per week

  • Challenge exercises: strength and cardio
  • Yoga Wednesdays
  • Workout with Cheryl 2 times per week
  • Attend end of month boot camp

Run 3 days week to prep for summer runs

Rest properly

  • Ensure minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night
  • Get up no later than 6am daily
  • Go to bed no later than 10pm each night

Do something nice for someone each week (mail West Wing, make homemade dog treats for dog owners and dispense, “pay it forward” to fellow challenge participants or trainee)

Keep to budget for month

  • Pay for groceries and food in cash thus being more mindful of spending
  • Pay bills at each pay period vs. waiting until due dates

Tie up loose ends with Mom stuff

  • Complete and send in life insurance claim
  • Collect items from Mom & Bob’s house


  • Work on sun salutations flow (used in Wednesday night class) with goal of achieving smooth flow through poses by end of month
  • Achieve Crow Pose and hold for 15 seconds

Chores – Turn Katie-Do List  into Katie-Did List

  • Replace lights in bedroom
  • Get new litter boxes and dispose of old boxes
  • Clean basement and dispose of trash
  • Dispose of any trash or items that needed to be given away
  • Sort and organize clothes and purge clothes that cannot or will not be worn

3 thoughts on “June Goals

    1. My initial idea was spurred by thinking about when you ask everyone what they had for breakfast. One of the easiest parts of the challenge for me is the eating because it’s something I’d been working on for a while anyway (took me at least a year maybe longer and I still have my dalliances) – anyway, I thought about how the 2 times I’ve been the answers about breakfast aren’t always that great and wouldn’t it be nice to bring something wholesome and healthy to share with everyone?

      From there, I started thinking about how I could reach other participants but that’s more challenging since it’s essentially blind except for the people who come to boot camp, but I thought maybe sponsoring someone for a month who wants to try or sponsoring someone for a week or two who wants to try training. Or getting a few Amazon or iTunes gift cards and giving them to people so they can perk up their playlists because that’s always invigorates me when I’m feeling slumpish.

      That’s as far as I’ve gotten in brain.

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