Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Well, let’s not beat around the bush. It’s Monday. It’s officially weigh-in day. I could call my scale a bitch, but it’s not fair to shoot the messenger. I weighed in at 202 pounds. That’s up from 200.8 last Monday. Yes, I GAINED.

That means the odds of hitting my goal of 199 by May 1st (TOMORROW) are slim. (ha! “slim!”)

How did I gain? I ate under my calories. I worked out  hard Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. I spent Saturday up and about at the park.

So, if weight loss is just calories in/calories out, I’d have lost weight. Except, it’s more complicated than that.

Here’s what I think happened:

  1. Not enough sleep. My body simply didn’t get enough rest. I kept saying “I’m going to go to sleep early tomorrow night.” “I’m definitely going to go to sleep early tonight.” UGH.
  2. Not enough nutrition. Overall, my vitamin and nutrient levels were too low because I wasn’t balanced enough in my eating every day.
  3. Not enough calories – I think in some cases I under eat. I find it challenging to hit 1200 calories some days. Not good especially on days I work out.
  4. Not enough water.
  5. Too much sugar. I noticed bits of sugar creeping into my diet in things like the delightful gluten-free bread I was eating or the vanilla extract I found in the cabinet at work and USED only to find out that it contained corn syrup. Note to manufacturers: it is not okay to label something “PURE vanilla extract” and then add shit like corn syrup. And I had alcoholic beverages on Saturday.
  6. Not enough prep work/ pre-planning of meals. The time planning and prepping is so well spent when it means I’m able to balance my diet and have non-processed and non-restaurant prepared foods. (not that I did a lot of restaurants or processed foods, but it was a lot by my standards.)
  7. Not enough regulation of eating. I went long periods without eating.
  8. I officially totally cut gluten. Maybe this had some sort of impact? All I know is my stomach feels less tight. I’m generally less nauseous.
  9. Maybe my tracking was off somewhere. I measure everything I cook, but if I don’t do the cooking…

Unfortunately, this means I don’t get to open my box from Macy’s. No iron skillet. No food processor.


So, I’m taking all of the things above and trying to focus on making myself better this week. Eating my snacks. Sleeping. (Today should have been a workout day, but I am tired. I am going to rest. And then I am going to come up swinging.) Avoiding sugar. Avoiding added salt. Getting enough water.

Since tomorrow is the official “goal date” I’m going to weigh myself so I can accurately check off my weight for the goal. Don’t. Shoot. The. Messenger.


Also, I’m currently using MyFitnessPal to track and log all my food and exercise. I used LiveStrong MyPlate for a year (and SparkPeople before that), but found a lot of food missing and their app was not as good as the MFP app. Anyhow, feel free to add me as friend on MFP if you also use the site. I need more friends. Any my journals are completely public so you can creep what I’m eating.



2 thoughts on “Don’t Shoot the Messenger

  1. Coming from an ex-personal trainer point of view, it sounds like you may be being a bit too harsh on yourself and overanalyzing it a tad too much. Two pounds can come and go on a female if the WIND blows your skirt. We can fluctuate that much just in a few hours’ time. Also if you worked out hard, keep in mind that muscle ways more than fat. You may have actually toned some muscles. I know it stinks having a goal, and not quite making that goal you were so stoked about, but I think maybe even if you weighed yourself tomorrow you might be surprised. By the way, have you ever read “Body For Life” by Bill Phillips? I have a copy if you’d like me to send it to you, but do your own research on it first if you haven’t already. It has transformed people’s lives physically and mentally and the transformation pics are AWESOME! Ok I’m done writing a novel here on your blog. Keep up the good work and remember to not be TOO hard on yourself. If you had gained 10 pounds I would have said “What the hell did you DO,” but it was only two. I’ve lost that in TOILET some days. Love ya!

    1. I’ve heard of Body for Life, but I’ve never read it. I am trying to keep the gain in perspective – if anything it’s motivating me even more this week to make sure I’m taking care of myself properly.

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