Tummy Roars: A fairytale

You know what’s awesome and comforting? Finding out that the gastroenterologist you are seeing in less than a month has 42 years of experience, having graduated from KU in 1970 and is in fact, old enough to be your parent, and is NOT in fact, a hot, sexy, single workaholic doctor who has just needed to meet the right woman to break him free of his workaholism and that woman, is of course you and you have to tell him during your first appointment that you are simply too uncomfortable having him as your doctor because he’s adorable and bending over and having him scope your colon is a trifle embarrassing and he immediately refers you to his colleague, a grandfatherly type gent who makes you giggle while talking about your gas, which makes you pass gas, which makes him chuckle and say, “you’re a hootin and a tootin!” And then the hot, sexy, RICH, doctor takes you out for coffee or drinks because he never read your medical history and found out that caffeine and alcohol make your tummy unhappy because he liked you so much and then he asks you to marry him and you get married and your “stomach” never hurts again ever!



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