Almost 100 Pounds

I am very close to my first big goal. I am 3.4lbs away from weighing in the 100’s again. Dizzymomma on Workin It Out wrote a concise and perfect post about this a week or so ago- as she calls it One-derland. (a play on words, how could I not like it?)

It’s challenging to be a woman and feel like a woman when you weigh as much, and sometimes more, than a lot of men. The questions you ask yourself, the self-hatred, the shame, the simple fact that you can’t pretend you’re just a little curvy and ba-boom.

I don’t normally lose more than 2 lbs per week – and it’s often less. I am setting a goal to reach THIS goal ( being back in the hundreds and joining Dizzymomma in One-derland) by May 1st. If I hit it before then? Well, that’s just a happy bonus. I’m not going to starve myself, over work myself, or go off the deep end but I sure as heck am going to push myself.

And when I reach this, my very first big goal? I’m giving myself an extra special non-food reward. I just don’t know what it should be!

I need suggestions! Please feel free to leave ideas in the comments.


10 thoughts on “Almost 100 Pounds

  1. I think this requires careful consideration. A pedicure is essentially disposable so you’ll have nothing to show for your accomplishment. A new outfit won’t have value, either in another 20 pounds.

    How about a piece of artwork for your house? Or new bedding? Or a new piece of kitchen equipment. Kitchen equipment is kind of food related, but can also help you get to your next goal (think mandoline).

    Enjoy your victory!

    1. I haven’t decided! I’m thinking about doing a big spa trip when I reach my “ideal weight.” aka 100lbs lost. Clothes are becoming a need more than just a treat. I also considered a cleaning crew. And a food processor. I just don’t know!

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      1. Don’t make clothes your reward, I beg you! You just said it’s a need, not a want. Hit the thrift stores for clothes (Goodwill on N. Oak is my favorite).

        Take my word for it. I’m much older and wiser than you are and you need to get something that will last and be a monument to your achievement. 🙂

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