Were You Sore?

Oh, dear.

It’s the question that always means more pain. Not bad pain, but pain none-the-less. Here’s how it goes (note, this is all paraphrased from real occurrences):

PT: “Were you sore?”

FLK: “Actually, not really!”

PT: “Oh, hmm.”

FLK: “Yeah, I think it was because of the walking on the treadmill after! That really helps!” (note, PT told me to walk because it helps so this is not only just being honest, but unintentionally sucking up because I R Good Student!)

PT: “Well that’s good but being sore is good.”

PT: *proceeds to make me want to cry through use of leg and arm torture aka resistance training*

After this I hopped on the treadmill and 2.6 felt fast until I loosened up. And I jumped to a whopping 3.0 pace. By the middle/end there may have been treadmill dance-walking. Dance-walking occurs when one forgets (or no longer cares) that one is in public and starts adding flare/flair to their stride. Suppressing treadmill karaoke becomes a cognitive reality.

OR it can go like this:

FLK: “Ohmygosh, I was sore after that last workout.”

PT: “GOOD! Sore is good.”

FLK: “Yeah, I walked on the treadmill after and I think that helped, but I was still sore.”

PT: “Being sore is good. Bear crawls!”

PT: *proceeds to make me want to cry through use of leg and arm torture aka resistance training*

So, basically, no matter whether you were sore or not, the answer is more cowbell always work hard.*

And be proud of that soreness because it’s a badge of honor, a source of pride, and a persistent reminder that you are actively changing your body. (and it’s a lot easier to not want to eat ice cream by the pint when it hurts to lift your arms or sit down on the toilet to pee.)

Here I am post workout ,pre-shower yesterday. Yesterday, I chose the "I wasn't sore" response (I always speak the truth.) I was rewarded with a really challenging workout. By the time I left the gym, I felt amazing and relaxed.

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