Asstastic: A sexy backside is not made in the back row

Well, at least not for me. Being within the first week of a new year means new people (LOTS of new people) showing up at the gym using machines and attending classes and throwing off my routine. I congratulate them on getting started, but it still makes me a little grumpy when I have a routine and preferred places for classes and I have to adapt. I’m territorial (I once stared someone down in a meeting and made them move because they were in my seat- I was joking, with a hint of “I’m not really joking” ) and the gym is one place where I like to be in control. I go in with a plan and goals but when I have to adjust on the fly, I find myself less excited, more nervous (I have a wee bit of anxiety and nervousness – okay, I have known anxiety issues which is one of the reasons it’s important for me to workout daily) and self conscious. It abates quickly in most cases. Enter the real story behind (ha!) the title of the post.

I’ve been attending Project Poolside since the sweltering summer days of 2011. I sweated through squats, lunges, jumping jacks, and other resistance moves on the hottest days of the year. The class was always well attended but today, the first Saturday of a new year, it was jam packed. Fat girl in a crowded room had a fleeting moment of panic. Where was I going to fit and who was going to watch me try? As a fat girl you are very aware of space and how much of it you take up.

I showed up 10 minutes early for class, which is usually enough time to get settled in my spot  and ready to go. I say usually because today when I walked in the floor was already full of participants ready to be reminded that there are muscles in their bottoms. Thankfully, there was a spot next to the first lady I ever talked to in class (on my first time) so I was able to get situated. Unfortunately, the spot was in the back. I HATE being in the back. It’s harder to hear the teacher, harder to see what she’s doing, distracting to see all the other people, and forget about watching your form in the mirror. It was so full that I had to move my water so the girl in front of me wouldn’t jumping jack into it and sprain her ankle (she was pretty unaware so that would have been bad – she did great in class for a newbie though.)

I’m a veteran of the class and I’ve been working out regularly for while, but I did not put out a great showing in class. While still  “good” it was definitely not my best and that disappoints me. I expected more of myself. I know part of my diminished performance was not sleeping well (or enough) last night but a big part of it was the fullness of the class and my position in the back.

Anyway, I wish all the newbies good luck with their goals and I hope they find class as helpful as I have (and do) – BUT, next time I’m showing up much earlier and getting my spot. Because now we are competing!

All those words just to complain about getting stuck in the back of class.


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