Fail or Finish? December Wrap-Up

Time to close out the December goals posting and move on. How did I do?

  • Fit into the jeans I grew out of recently by Christmas – Wearable, but still not to my level of comfort.
  • Hit my Dec #GoTheDist goals (log 50 miles and 6 strength sessions) – I hit my strength and resistance goals (and exceeded) but came in well under my 50 mile elliptical goal. It was pretty audacious for a first time, so I’ll keep that in mind moving forward. 
  • Stick to my high protein, high veggie, lower carb diet until Christmas (gets me back on track with meal planning and getting my veggies in!) – I did GREAT with my eating (except Christmas day and the few days surrounding where I was a little more loose. And I just didn’t try on Christmas.)
  • Workout 5 days per week (Funny thing about being active; you have to BE ACTIVE!) – After not hitting this at the first update, I locked in and have been hitting and exceeding this goal. I’m currently only taking one day of rest now.
  • Remind myself it’s okay not to do high intensity, high stamina workouts EVERY TIME I workout (perfectionists mount up!) – A little better. I walked around the neighborhood a couple days and felt good.
  • Make sure each workout is at least 20 minutes – No problem with this. All workouts are 40+ minutes.
  • Track my water consumption better (this one is really hard now that I’m not working) – Not tracking well, but still drinking water.
  • F*&% THE SCALE!  (This time, I have pictures and I’m going to measure so I have a better idea of what’s actually happening. I want to lose fat, gain muscle and slim down. F*&% the numbers on the scale as long as the other 3 things are happening.) –  I caved and weighed myself but I lost weight (finally!).

Also, my “before” pictures that I took of myself DISAPPEARED from my computer. I looked at them after I uploaded them. So weird. Time to check the Recycle Bin. I’m not stoked about taking those pictures again, but I will if I have to. IT’S FOR SCIENCE! Found them. And took more the other day. My 30 day mark is 1/9/12 so I’ll be taking pictures again. 

/boring update post


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