Quickly, Before I Head Off…

…to kick ass and take names at the gym.

Thanks to Twitter, I’m now aware of the hashtags #plankaday and #wallsitaday and the excruitating 30 Day Burpee Challenge…and I’m going to try to do all three this month on top of my regular workouts.

Because what’s life without a few challenges? (also, all those inspiration fit pictures on Tumblr and Pinterest have me eager to get all strong and stuff.)

I don’t mind planks (though, I battled mightily to hold a side plank) but I find wallsits and burpees to be a special sort of torture. Which is precisely why I think I need to participate in these challenges.

Never allow your fear to grow larger than your faith - jillian michaels
This quote really inspires me and reminds me to keep trying.

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