So what they say about why you should work out with a personal trainer? TOTALLY true.

I’m still sore from my Monday workout. I’m being challenged and pushed to my limits. I’m challenging my body in ways that sometimes makes me giggle because they are so simple, yet so hard. I have trouble verbalizing why I’m laughing or shaking my head.

Can I afford it? Well, that’s a tricky question. I’m not currently generating income. I am however, willing to spend the money to work with a trainer because the benefits and the overall impact on my life are far more important than the things I may have to give up, or the struggle I might have to deal with in terms of work.

I feel like I’m on the right path now. I was walking down one path for so long and at some point it took me away from my goals. My true life goals.  Anyhow, more about all of that on Tremendous Blondette within the next 2 weeks (whenever I finish the post and publish it.)

And now, I’m off to take my stiff, sore body to get some blood pumping – cardio time!



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