Update on December Goals

So, I wrote out my goals a few days ago. How am I doing?

  • Fit into the jeans I grew out of recently by ChristmasI’m getting there! They are still a tad too tight to wear comfortably.
  • Hit my Dec #GoTheDist goals (log 50 miles and 6 strength sessions) – I’m getting behind in my miles. I’m at just over 9. I have 2 strength sessions logged with one of them being the hour long Project Poolside last night. I killed it. I really did.
  • Stick to my high protein, high veggie, lower carb diet until Christmas (gets me back on track with meal planning and getting my veggies in!) – I added grains back in my diet on Monday after only eating protein, nuts, and veggies for a few days. So far, so good! I did eat some chocolate candies today, but I’m trying to be kind to myself about that. There are a few days in the month where it’s okay to say yes to that urge. Just don’t go crazy. So, I was pretty moderate but serving sizes are a total joke.
  • Workout 5 days per week (Funny thing about being active; you have to BE ACTIVE!) – FAILING! Gosh I like sitting on my ass playing on the internet and napping in the afternoon with my cats. I had a particularly nice nap in front of the fireplace this afternoon – on the floor!
  • Remind myself it’s okay not to do high intensity, high stamina workouts EVERY TIME I workout (perfectionists mount up!) – Yeah, I’m still sucking big time on this. Project Poolside isn’t exactly low energy.
  • Make sure each workout is at least 20 minutes – Yep, doing good on this one when I work out. Once I start I usually go at least 30 minutes. The first 10 is the hardest. And even harderest is the step out the door or pushing the on button on the dvd player.
  • Track my water consumption better (this one is really hard now that I’m not working) – I’m not logging it well at all but I am definitely more aware of drinking it.  Special cups with straws help.
  • F*&% THE SCALE!  (This time, I have pictures and I’m going to measure so I have a better idea of what’s actually happening. I want to lose fat, gain muscle and slim down. F*&% the numbers on the scale as long as the other 3 things are happening.) – I feel thinner. I know I’m doing the right things for my body. I won’t get on the scale until January unless my trainer (YAY! I contacted a personal trainer!) makes me. I’ll do it for science.

Also, my “before” pictures that I took of myself DISAPPEARED from my computer. I looked at them after I uploaded them. So weird. Time to check the Recycle Bin. I’m not stoked about taking those pictures again, but I will if I have to. IT’S FOR SCIENCE!


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