Sneak Peek

I started attending a class at the gym called Project Poolside. It is basically a circuit, or boot camp, type workout. You do moves that engage your entire body, or work large muscle groups with minimal rest and yes, insert some cardio bursts like jumping jacks and jump rope (no rope.) The first time I went I was nervous, but excited, because I had no idea what to really expect. What I got? Something that reminded me a bit of Jillian Micheal’s 30 Day Shred, but longer. We started the same, “JUMPING JACKS!” and moved into squats. And lunges. And squats. And one armed rows. Anyway, you spend most of the time on your feet (unless she has you drop and do push ups – it happens a few times throughout the workout – I have come to look at them as a good way to knock the sweat off my face – it just drips off onto the floor!) killing your legs, engaging your core, and toning your arms and back. The outcome? I was so ridiculously sore for 2 days it hurt to sit down on the toilet. My friend had to get me a taller chair at her house so I wouldn’t have to squat so low. But each time I go to class, I get better. I’m stronger, my endurance is better, and knowing most of the moves is helpful. I have my battles – I struggle greatly with the side plank – I barely hold the plank – I can only do 15 push ups when she says do 25 – BUT, I’m improving.

I’m doing the class Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. On other days, I hit the cardio. Maybe it’s the feeling of accomplishment that gave me the balls to do this yesterday:

Katie dyed her hair red
I'm a natural blonde, but I have always wondered what it would be like to be "RED!"