Zig-a-zig Ahh

I was never really a Spice Girls fan. I may have accidentally liked a song or two, but you can’t prove anything. I don’t really want my lovers to get with my friends. I do however, want to be more of a spice using girl. (I KNOW this is a loose a connection. I KNOW.)

One of the most important parts of changing how you eat is finding foods that satisfy you – and I don’t just mean fill you up. You want volume and robust, zesty flavors. Tangy, sweet, and spicy. Please excite my palette!

I’m not eating diet food. I’m eating good food. And that food needs to have flavor, without fat and sugar. I’ve never been much of a spice or herb user. This weekend we had fresh basil and garlic and yes, even the very simple pepper and I was reminded of a whole world of flavor. So Posh and Sporty, here I come.


One thought on “Zig-a-zig Ahh

  1. You’re right about this weekend’s meal. There is more than just salt in the world. I wonder if the “Spice Girls” really used a lot of spices. Probably not. I doubt if they had time to cook. I’ll share my fresh basil if I can get it to have a growth spurt!

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