Progress As Promised – A Few Ditches and Fresh Pavement

A true sign of summer around Kansas City (okay, not just Kansas City) is the abundance of orange cones and signs jazzing drivers up for new and improved infrastructure. Of course, the new and improved roads come at the cost of the process of tearing up current pavement, uprooting growth, and generally clawing the Earth to shit for 1 – 12 months. (sometimes shorter, sometimes longer! ohh la la) You start with something that’s okay, it functions, but maybe just barely. Ideally, you end up with something lovely, where traffic flows freely and quickly.

It’s here that you must understand how much I love analogies. I have been clawing at my life, trying to free myself of bad habits, clawing to rise up, clawing to have a body and life that flows freely and quickly. Not just a body, but a life.

And believe it or not, I am making progress. I started this blog a year ago. In that year, I’ve been up and down. It really took my 30th birthday this year to keep solid momentum toward my goals. My highest reading on the scale this year was 246. Today, I’m 229. I’ve decreased my BMI by 7% and I’m 13% to my overall weight loss goal.

I look like this (I’m in the middle):

LBC Reunion in St. Louis
With two of my very best friends from college, Gentri (left) and Carrie (right), at Anheuser Busch in St. Louis prior to our tour and FREE BEER!

2 thoughts on “Progress As Promised – A Few Ditches and Fresh Pavement

  1. Lol… I love analogies, too 🙂

    Good progress! I struggle with ups and downs, too, but it’s always good to take stock and reflect of where you’ve been and where you could be. If I lost and gained and lost again, I pat myself on the back because I could have just gained, gained, and gained (which has happened in the past!).

  2. I too love analogies. They are a powerful way to teach. We can easily use analogies to analyze our life, loves, aging, and parenting, among other things. I have just added another year to my life. I have developed multiple physical and mental health changes within the last five years. My medicines and doctor visits are the way I have been trying to better my infrastructure. The problem is that my infrastructure parameters change as I age. I am going through menopause so my normal normal has become what is healthy for a 56 yr. old woman. The orange cones have changed their positions and I need to drive differently to make my drive smooth. To make this comment more closely connected to the blog written by my woman child, I believe I still am trying to find a life, just a different life from my younger self . The re will always be pot holes and detours and no matter how we feel about them we know that they will always come back and lead us to a better road.

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