Zig-a-zig Ahh

I was never really a Spice Girls fan. I may have accidentally liked a song or two, but you can’t prove anything. I don’t really want my lovers to get with my friends. I do however, want to be more of a spice using girl. (I KNOW this is a loose a connection. I KNOW.)

One of the most important parts of changing how you eat is finding foods that satisfy you – and I don’t just mean fill you up. You want volume and robust, zesty flavors. Tangy, sweet, and spicy. Please excite my palette!

I’m not eating diet food. I’m eating good food. And that food needs to have flavor, without fat and sugar. I’ve never been much of a spice or herb user. This weekend we had fresh basil and garlic and yes, even the very simple pepper and I was reminded of a whole world of flavor. So Posh and Sporty, here I come.


Progress As Promised – A Few Ditches and Fresh Pavement

A true sign of summer around Kansas City (okay, not just Kansas City) is the abundance of orange cones and signs jazzing drivers up for new and improved infrastructure. Of course, the new and improved roads come at the cost of the process of tearing up current pavement, uprooting growth, and generally clawing the Earth to shit for 1 – 12 months. (sometimes shorter, sometimes longer! ohh la la) You start with something that’s okay, it functions, but maybe just barely. Ideally, you end up with something lovely, where traffic flows freely and quickly.

It’s here that you must understand how much I love analogies. I have been clawing at my life, trying to free myself of bad habits, clawing to rise up, clawing to have a body and life that flows freely and quickly. Not just a body, but a life.

And believe it or not, I am making progress. I started this blog a year ago. In that year, I’ve been up and down. It really took my 30th birthday this year to keep solid momentum toward my goals. My highest reading on the scale this year was 246. Today, I’m 229. I’ve decreased my BMI by 7% and I’m 13% to my overall weight loss goal.

I look like this (I’m in the middle):

LBC Reunion in St. Louis
With two of my very best friends from college, Gentri (left) and Carrie (right), at Anheuser Busch in St. Louis prior to our tour and FREE BEER!