And So It Goes

Sometimes I simply ignore or do not act on something if I am unsure. And so it goes. This leads to the issues compounding and becoming more of an issue, or it presents an entirely new solution. I wrote earlier this year about the lap-band procedure that I was pursuing. I felt desperate and out of options. I needed and wanted a change and it was a viable solution. It still is a solution. But I don’t know that it’s my solution.

Instead of taking a definitive action of canceling with the hospital, I’ve simply swept it under the rug. The cost was high! I felt like a failure! I was afraid!

And so I kept trying to eat right and exercise more consistently. I kept trying to make the lifestyle changes that will help me live. Because band aids get gross and dirty and they tempt you to keep ripping them off.

My health and happiness deserves more than a stinky band aid.


3 thoughts on “And So It Goes

  1. Did you see the seasons with the Biggest Loser contestants that had those type of surgeries but still had problems? One was an older guy and had a disfigured abdomen because of a stomach surgery…. he carried all of his weight in the chest area. And then there was that girl that had a stomach surgery when she was just a young teenager. That was sad, it didn’t work for her (obviously, she ended up on the show).

    I think those things are great for people ready to make a change, but you definitely have to be ready. And it’s only part of the effort in change, not the only driving force.

    I’ve thought about the lap band, too, but figure I can/should do it the “right” way…. although those commercials make it tempting!

  2. I didn’t! I’ve watched pieces of seasons and got hooked on Season 11. I went through a lot of prep for the procedure with meetings and lifestyle changes, but my insurance doesn’t cover it so it would all be out of pocket expense and I really just felt more and more like a failure as I completed each step and more and more like I *could* actually succeed through changing my lifestyle.

  3. You’re weight loss difficulty is a universal one, but your efforts towards achieving your goal are wjat sets you apart from many. You share your feelings and expose yourself to anyone who reads this blog. You do not blink when you tell people how you fight the fight, both inside and out. This is what will make you successful in both life and weight loss. You are a fighter and a role model. I respect you for your decisions and will to succeed. Please allow this to help you, even if it’s only for one day. Hopefully it will be much longer.

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