And So It Goes

Sometimes I simply ignore or do not act on something if I am unsure. And so it goes. This leads to the issues compounding and becoming more of an issue, or it presents an entirely new solution. I wrote earlier this year about the lap-band procedure that I was pursuing. I felt desperate and out of options. I needed and wanted a change and it was a viable solution. It still is a solution. But I don’t know that it’s my solution.

Instead of taking a definitive action of canceling with the hospital, I’ve simply swept it under the rug. The cost was high! I felt like a failure! I was afraid!

And so I kept trying to eat right and exercise more consistently. I kept trying to make the lifestyle changes that will help me live. Because band aids get gross and dirty and they tempt you to keep ripping them off.

My health and happiness deserves more than a stinky band aid.


Do Not Quit

Fifteen down and ready to be skinny. As I did my hip circles tonight (good for stretching out the hips) I watched my front pooch waddle. I am too young, too pretty, and too interesting to have a front pooch waddle. There’s a technical term for it, but for me it’s the one part of my body I truly hate and truly want to see gone. It’s also the last place I notice a  difference when I lose weight and inches.

My top weight this year was 246. Yesterday, I was 231. So, I am down 15 pounds from my highest this year. I set a goal for myself to be down to 229 next Tuesday when I do my weigh in. It means drinking enough water, getting enough sleep (more on that in a minute), monitoring my caloric and nutrition intake, and oh yes, exercising.

I am currently in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on a client visit and while I did not manage to get up in time to work out this morning, I fully intend to rectify that by rising early tomorrow and getting some good sweat minutes.

Enough of this – NO QUITTING – and I will lose the waddle. I WILL LOSE THE WADDLE.