What It Takes

On Monday last, I had my first appointments with the dietitian and the exercise psychologist. The dietitian did most of the talking and seemed to be used to dealing with people who have no common sense, no self control, and no knowledge of nutrition. At least that’s what it felt like. I’m not used to being talked to like an idiot. And I felt like she sort of considered me to be one. Yes, I am obese. Yes, I am meeting with you because I am planning to have surgery to help with my condition. But that doesn’t mean I’m a moron. I hope my second appointment goes better. I may also just have a huge chip on my shoulder. Maybe. A tiny one.

I picked up a couple things that I would have to change;  1) no caffeine. We know what caffeine does. It keeps us awake, it makes food go through our system faster, and it stimulates appetite. These are 3 things that are detrimental to weight loss. So, I’m off caffeine. I had my last latte on Tuesday morning.

2) No carbonated beverages. I don’t drink a lot of pop anymore so that’s not really hard to give up, but I do enjoy sparkling water and club soda. Apparentely, the extra gas is bad for the stomach pouch. Totally logical. 😦

3) No drinking liquid while eating. In fact, no eating for at least 15 minutes after drinking and no drinking for at least 30 minutes after eating. This one is not super easy for me. I’m a guzzler. I drink much faster than I eat. Again, I see the logic of this one too.

So, I’m working on changing these habits now so that I’m used to them before the surgery.

The second session was with the exercise psychologist. I liked her better, but she made me question my running quest. One, it puts a lot of pressure on my knees and wears on my cartilage (and there’s only so much of that to last a lifetime.) Two, she made me question the intensity of my workouts. Apparently, I work out too hard and should be doing more moderate activities to lose weight. I’m still now sure I believe in the weight loss zone but I won’t know unless I try it her way. No reason to be obstinate.

Anyhow, I’ve had these things on my mind almost constantly. That and paying for the surgery. It’s a heavy weight (ha) as it will put me more in debt (I’m not terribly in debt) and could impact my savings for retirement (I was told that I will need to have at least 3 million dollars in savings for retirement.)

Oh well. I just keep moving forward to do what it takes to reach my goals.


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