For those of you who do not know, I went vegan for several months a few years ago. I’d found my eating was out of control and I was unhappy with my body and how I felt so I took my solution to the extreme – no animal products of any kind. I found some yummy things along the way and I still enjoy a few vegan products now and again.

Some may say I went vegan solely for control, much like a binger and purger or an anorexic. I didn’t become vegan out of a deep seated love of animals (though, I really like animals) or based on an ethical or environmental purpose. I became vegan because I had to become something.

I had to find some way to reconnect my body to health. When I’m not eating healthfully, I feel weighed down – nay – PULLED down from my core to the floor. Moving away from that is incredibly tough. It takes more effort to push and pull yourself from one place to the next. It becomes easier to keep to old habits rather than find a way to deal with “newness.”


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