This Year in Sickness and in Health

or this Year in Fitness.

Being healthy is a vow you make to yourself. It will challenge you against temptation, it will test your boundaries, bring you tremendous highs, sickening lows, and hopefully, you’d never wish it any other way.

I started 2010 with an irrational fear of aging. I was suddenly staring at my life wondering where it was going and where I would be in 5 years, 10 years, 40 years, if I kept going exactly the same way. What I saw was lonely.

My goals in life are pretty simple:  to have a family and be healthy. The end. I’ve been very lucky to have a successful career and feel the satisfaction and reward that comes with life experiences and achievement.

I noticed that I began making fun of myself for my weight or pointing out to others that I know I’m fat. I did it just today. Why do I have to define myself in terms of the extra weight? I’m so much more.


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