In Which Katie Meets a Giant Ball

An exercise ball. It’s purple and tonight, I inflated it. And rolled off of it.

And then I tried to do crunches…and ended up burping a lot and almost sitting on a cat. I think I did it wrong. It sure takes a lot to keep that ball steady!

This of course is in my quest to work on my core strength – the one thing that I find challenging to really focus on at my gym. I’ve noticed a significant decline in my core strength – from my back to my abs, I just can’t last like I used to. My back hurt like a bitch on a flight from Philadelphia to Kansas City over the summer, and I knew – I KNEW – that my core muscles were being grossly neglected. Perhaps the most neglected they’ve ever been in my life. Sit-ups were the one thing I could do well in gym class (other than soccer – I was a good defensive player.) Being that I have a desk job and sit for most of my day, it’s extra important that I take care of my core muscles. A strong core makes all exercise easier and better – and safer.

If it helps to trim my waist and back? Well, I’ll take it! So for now I say, “bring on the ball!”


4 thoughts on “In Which Katie Meets a Giant Ball

  1. BMR will be higher, meaning you will burn more calories while at rest. The most muscular your large muscle groups (abs, thighs, pecs, butt) are, the higher it is!

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