Remember how I just wrote about not working out? Today while I was lounging on my couch – again – I decided it would be worth the risk to try the recumbent bike. I forgot just how boring the recumbent bike is.

Things I did while pumping on the bike:

  • played Ragdoll Blaster on my phone
  • checked my work email
  • clicked a link in my work email
  • read a work related article
  • checked in on FourSquare
  • stared at the ceiling
  • stared out the window
  • stared at the treadmill
  • stared out the window again
  • posted on Facebook about how boring the bike is

Oh well. I lasted for 35 minutes. When I got up, I remembered why one actually uses the darn bike – it really tightens your legs. I was also sweating pretty fast and feeling cardiovascular challenge.

AND MY TOE/FOOT FEELS FINE. My feet did feel a little numb though.

All in all, worth doing – if you bring reading material.


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