*CRACK* hurty hurty ouch ouch

Those are the things that came out of my mouth (and fingers as I tweeted) last Monday when I broke my left pinky toe. Yes, it hurt. A LOT. And appeared to be pointing the wrong direction. How did I break it? Well, in a really uber-cool way! I rammed it on the leg of my ottoman while setting a Chipotle Bol and sparkling water on my end table.

After a few text messages to Tammi, we set off to find an urgent care center where I could get an x-ray.

The reason the Fat Lady tells you all of this is because the doctor not only told me my toe is broken, but I am not allowed to work out for 6-8 weeks. (which is now 5-7 weeks) I am allowed to swim. Yep. I can hop in a pool full of chemicals, pee, and snot.

I am discouraged because I was really getting into a routine and starting to see progress. I can’t really afford to halt that momentum – physically or emotionally.

So, I must get a swim suit and find water aerobics classes to attend.


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