Geek to the Core

In my newly adopted fitness routine I’ve managed to pump up the jam (parts of me sort of jiggle like baggies of jam) with great leg and upper body workouts including cardio; however, I’ve pretty much ignored one key rule of fitness:  my core strength. Core strength is what keeps us erect (hehe), mobile, flexible, agile…it’s what gets you out of the backseat of Tammi’s car without falling down. (Not that I’ve done that…fine. I did that.)

I say pretty much because I have worked some of the muscles that make up the “core.” I’ve busted ass (glutes) and worked my hamstrings with squats, I’ve worked my lats with rowing and lat pull downs, but my abs? My erector spinae? NEGLECT!

I know exercises to work these muscles and I know how important they are to overall fitness. But…the exercises? Kind of embarrassing to perform at the gym. I’m still trying to get myself over that mental hurdle.

I mean, I am the girl with the free weights on the treadmill! I think my fear is that I will not be able to do the exercises well and that people will judge me.

*le sigh* One step at a time.


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