Trudge and Grudge

So called “cheat days” make me very nervous. I knew it would be harder to stick to my healthy eating today because I was attending an all day meeting at the Capital Grille, but I also know you have to keep living your life, and you have to shock your body sometimes. I figured today was a natural choice for a “cheat day.” I would eat what I wanted within reason. I did really well with breakfast and lunch, but I decided to order pizza for dinner. How do I feel? Not well. That could also have to do with the 3200mg of ibuprofen that I’ve taken today. (3200 is about the max you are supposed to take in a 24 hour period so I might not be taking any more before bed.)

I’m on vacation Friday and Monday so I plan to take advantage of the time  to get in some good workouts and sleep. (Oh, and clean my house since I’ve been slacking off the past month due to lots of work travel.)

However…I feel very unsure of myself right now. I’m not far enough into my healthy eating and working out and weight loss to feel confident or comfortable in my path.


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