I ate apple pie.

Sue me.



*CRACK* hurty hurty ouch ouch

Those are the things that came out of my mouth (and fingers as I tweeted) last Monday when I broke my left pinky toe. Yes, it hurt. A LOT. And appeared to be pointing the wrong direction. How did I break it? Well, in a really uber-cool way! I rammed it on the leg of my ottoman while setting a Chipotle Bol and sparkling water on my end table.

After a few text messages to Tammi, we set off to find an urgent care center where I could get an x-ray.

The reason the Fat Lady tells you all of this is because the doctor not only told me my toe is broken, but I am not allowed to work out for 6-8 weeks. (which is now 5-7 weeks) I am allowed to swim. Yep. I can hop in a pool full of chemicals, pee, and snot.

I am discouraged because I was really getting into a routine and starting to see progress. I can’t really afford to halt that momentum – physically or emotionally.

So, I must get a swim suit and find water aerobics classes to attend.

Porky Little Baby

I judged.

Sitting in the too small for my too big ass chair at Five Guys, I judged. I was sipping (gulping may be a better term) iced tea, having decided not to eat just because I could – I wanted to save those calories for something I wanted. I was fine until I saw a girl approaching the entrance. A slightly wobbly, soft little girl. As I watched her come toward the door, I felt anger, disgust, and deep sadness for her. Anger mainly at the normal sized family members who were bringing her there. Anger at the people who were setting her up for a life of misery.  At the age of 29, a full grown woman, I didn’t want to eat the calories – I can’t imagine giving them to a child.

Maybe I’m holier then thou. Maybe I’m just someone who learned the hard way. I’d hate to see that bright little baby repeat my life.

Geek to the Core

In my newly adopted fitness routine I’ve managed to pump up the jam (parts of me sort of jiggle like baggies of jam) with great leg and upper body workouts including cardio; however, I’ve pretty much ignored one key rule of fitness:  my core strength. Core strength is what keeps us erect (hehe), mobile, flexible, agile…it’s what gets you out of the backseat of Tammi’s car without falling down. (Not that I’ve done that…fine. I did that.)

I say pretty much because I have worked some of the muscles that make up the “core.” I’ve busted ass (glutes) and worked my hamstrings with squats, I’ve worked my lats with rowing and lat pull downs, but my abs? My erector spinae? NEGLECT!

I know exercises to work these muscles and I know how important they are to overall fitness. But…the exercises? Kind of embarrassing to perform at the gym. I’m still trying to get myself over that mental hurdle.

I mean, I am the girl with the free weights on the treadmill! I think my fear is that I will not be able to do the exercises well and that people will judge me.

*le sigh* One step at a time.

Trudge and Grudge

So called “cheat days” make me very nervous. I knew it would be harder to stick to my healthy eating today because I was attending an all day meeting at the Capital Grille, but I also know you have to keep living your life, and you have to shock your body sometimes. I figured today was a natural choice for a “cheat day.” I would eat what I wanted within reason. I did really well with breakfast and lunch, but I decided to order pizza for dinner. How do I feel? Not well. That could also have to do with the 3200mg of ibuprofen that I’ve taken today. (3200 is about the max you are supposed to take in a 24 hour period so I might not be taking any more before bed.)

I’m on vacation Friday and Monday so I plan to take advantage of the time  to get in some good workouts and sleep. (Oh, and clean my house since I’ve been slacking off the past month due to lots of work travel.)

However…I feel very unsure of myself right now. I’m not far enough into my healthy eating and working out and weight loss to feel confident or comfortable in my path.


It’s been said that if you shop only the perimeter of the grocery story, you will be healthier. This is because all of the processed items are in the middle.  Today, I practiced the perimeter shopping principle and ended up with a cart full of fruits and veggies, lean meat and salmon.

Tonight’s dinner was Maple Balsamic Salmon with a Pear Salad (pear, pecans, feta cheese, spinach, and balsamic vinegar.)

maple balsamic salmon with pear salad
This was yummy and easy to make!

Anyway, I also hit the gym for the first time in a week and what a good workout I had!  (Wondering why I didn’t hit the gym yesterday? Check out my post on Tremendous Blondette when I get around to writing it – there will be pictures!)

And now, at 5 past 8pm, I am ready for bed.