Round Up

…because the word round has so many meanings on a blog about being fat…

I survived my trip to NYC without completing getting off track. The brilliant thing about NYC is that you end up walking a lot so I was still able to log some “movement” time.  Did it make up for the partial desserts I savored? Nah, but at least I was moving.

I’m not sitting at home now in a shame spiral, completely demotivated and instead of feeling happy, I just feel “not guilty.”

One important tracking update – I pretty much switched to using Spark People exclusively for tracking my nutrition and exercise. I was feeling very grumpy and unhappy with the Weight Watchers Points (even though I had a fair amount of them.) I felt like they really restricted me too much and I’d rather just look at the calorie count, fat, carbs, and protein. Since I’ve switched, I’ve been feeling a lot better and my hunger is much more in check.

I had an amazing Saturday morning workout filled with strength training and kick-butt cardio, followed promptly by a skinny latte and a balanced breakfast. Oh yes, I got to the gym by 8am. I was much grumpier on Sunday, but I managed to lug myself to the gym and get some strength training in before I had to pack and jet off to NYC for work.

And that’s the round up.


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