Promise of New Day

Can you hear the strains of Paula Abdul? “Promise (promise!), promise of a new day! ” It’s what I have to tell myself every day. This is just one day. (I could have quoted Gone With the Wind and/or Annie too!)

Today was not particularly good.  Normally, I would have “treated” myself in some way with food and sat around my living room in an effort to feel better…happy. Instead, I munched on dehydrated apples, went to the gym after work (don’t praise me too much – I only did 35 minutes on the treadmill because I had a headache), and I ate a salad for dinner. (oh, and my lunch? BROCCOLI and a black bean patty)

I DID NOT GIVE IN. I did not let my emotions dictate my diet. And it was HARD. It’s so easy to say “oh well it was a bad day, you got yelled at…here have an ice cream.” So smooth! So sweet! There, there. So silky. mmm. Hard to cry when you’re eating ice cream!

What I really learned today is that ultimately, I am accountable to me and me alone. This is my life and no one can live it for me. (except my clone. If I ever get one.)


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