Guiltly Grip

I did not go to the gym today. I was STARVING (American style) on my way home from work, so I debated a salad vs. Subway (aka tortuously waffled as I sat in the storm induced highway standstill) and ended up at Subway.  I decided today would be a rest day. Yesterday I put in a good showing at the gym with my 50 minutes of treadmill time and my quad machine and inclined leg press madness. I discovered that 8pm on Monday is “guy time” at my gym, where all the men show up, mill about, occasionally grunt, dramatically drop weights, drink from gallon jugs of water, and sometimes lift a weight or two. I judge not. They have their purpose and goals and I have mine.

I am worried that I’m becoming obsessed with food and exercise. I have addictive and obsessive tendencies so I have to figure out how to relax, enjoy life, and still ensure I am achieving my goals. I felt pretty crappy after eating well, exercising and then posting a weight gain this morning.

I have to hope it’s poop, water, or muscle. But I fear it’s just fat and that despite all the effort, I’m failing and I have to cut back my diet more (not sure that’s possible as I’m working at skimming the minimum 1200) or need to exercise more. Who has time (and clean clothes) for that? Not to mention the pluck.

Or perhaps I’m being too restrictive? Even as I sit here and write this, I feel hungry. And that’s not healthy either.


2 thoughts on “Guiltly Grip

  1. Good for you for sticking to something healthy when you felt so hungry. Those are the dangerous times for me! I have to try to carry a banana or something with me so I don’t get too hungry and go crazy. It’s perfectly normal to gain weight, especially if you’re weighing yourself every day. It’s frustrating and I’ve been frustrated by it, too, but when the week is over it is indisputable that I’ve lost some weight. Do you track what you eat? I really like doing that, but it might be that I am also a bit obsessive about it. Currently, I think that’s okay. It just can’t spiral out of control. I use to track calories and exercise. That way I know whether today was a weight-loss or weight-gain day, and I know something else (like you said, poop or water) is up when the scale doesn’t agree. It’s just sort of impossible to eat 1200 calories a day and not lose weight. Don’t get discouraged! Also, do you drink lots of water? That is supposed to help with hunger, and to lose weight in general. So far, the stuff I have been doing is working for me. I know it will work for you, too!

    1. I track using WeightWatchers right now. Sometimes I use SparkPeople, but WW points makes it pretty easy and fast. The only drawback is that I don’t see the split of what I’m eating – protein, fat, carb, etc. I think I need to make an effort to get more protein in my diet and that will help with the feelings of hunger. I also have to accept that fact that I might be a little hungrier for a while because I stretched out my damn stomach by overeating.

      I also cut out pop and I’ve been drinking flavored water (metromint) and Sweet Leaf Tea. Oh, and LOTS of water. I still drink my coffee in the morning too.

      I know I’m doing the right things and I’ll see a difference. Just have to keep plugging along and being realistic.

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