Turn the Lights Down!

I found myself on the treadmill tonight wishing it was darker in the gym. Oh yeah, I joined the local- open 24 hours-fits my busy lifestyle -gym tonight.

When I walked in the “Guest” door I worried that there were no fat people. It was all fit people. That can be either bad or good. I also noticed the lack of a front desk or reception desk of any sort. Where was the friendly face to guide me and let me know that “I could do it!” ? (P.S. there is also a shocking lack of inspirational kitten posters. I know. tsk.)

I’m pretty sure the kid who signed me up didn’t really care that it had been a while since I’d been a regular gym goer and that I was a little anxious, embarrassed, and down right fearful. But I told him none-the-less. Oh, I wasn’t afraid of the working out part; just the being new and not knowing my way around, maybe falling and embarrassing myself, farting on the treadmill, the usual worries. Oh…and looking elephantastic compared to the Svelties.

Anyhow, I survived, got red and sweaty and didn’t need to fart once!


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