Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda…Did

It’s amazing how nervous you can get about signing up at a new gym. What kind of people work there? What kind of people work out there? Will I fit in? Are they all buff and beautiful? Will they leer at me or condescend me? “Oh good for you fatty!”

Anyhow, when you gain 60 lbs (maybe I’m rounding, maybe I’m not) your sense of self kinda changes.

So, this evening I decided I would stop sitting on my couch, playing on the internet and working, and I would get dressed and go sign myself up at the gym by my house. Deep breaths and a pep talk got me dressed and out the door with everything I’d need to sign up and work out. The gym is open 24 hours so it seems like a good fit for someone with my slightly odd hours and lifestyle. It was about 6:30pm when I got there and discovered that the guest door has a closed sign. Dang it.

In that moment I had to decide if I would go to my old gym, try the other gym I’d been considering, go walk/run around my neighborhood, or give up.

Well, I am comfortable at my old gym; however, it’s not close to home and the hours kind of suck for my lifestyle so it didn’t make sense to go there. The other “new” gym is close to work, but about 20 minutes from home and may have left me in the same boat as the gym by my house.

I chose door number 3 and wogged around my neighborhood. (Wog is Walk + Run) It was mostly walking, but for the first time in years (yep, years now) I ran. I also realized I’d need to work on my bra situation if I wanted to run again.

Exercise truly is the best medicine. I already feel better.

One day at a time and one day closer to 30.


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